Morning Eyes

by Openings

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released August 11, 2014




Openings New Castle, Pennsylvania

Openings is a musical project based out of Western Pennsylvania that consists of songs written and recorded by Daniel Hobel.

The songs are experimental in nature, and span various genres including electronic, folk, psychedelic, ambient, post-rock and several others.

Give the songs a listen, and if you enjoy them perhaps share it with others who may also enjoy them!

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Track Name: Viridescence
Look at the lives I've taken. Listen to what I've done for you.

I can make this a song, but I’ll need your help.
Why correct anything when there is nothing wrong anyhow? The floor is too cold, and I am turning blue.

I’m flying by eight; at least your rainbow paper is in my window.

Where is everybody going?

We worry too much about how words sound, we never say what needs said.
I can see the days blurring into one.

And there is not a thing I can do.

Track Name: Quetzalcoatl
Viewing things on too big of a scale makes the reality you live in blurry, confusing, clouded and murky. You need to scale it to ensure you are not flying around in circles.
Track Name: Do You Remember The Lake?
I can recall every day that we spent there and I know that we smiled.
We smiled.
We smiled.
We sang and laughed and we played, and we smiled.

I know.

We smiled.

I know that we.

Let's go back there and we'll smile.

I can almost see you.
Track Name: Circles and Roads
Whispered: Emerald Fire Hands Tied Scripted Laces

Sampled: Stepping Stones break your bones, if you go too far, and closed eyes are just blind eyes that lead you in the dark.
Track Name: Please Sleep
I hear a roar in the distance, and it is tattered and worn. It keeps me up for days and I know that I can't sleep again. Daisies for you, waiting all night, driving across the world. Tattered scarves, broken light bulbs, ripped jackets underneath my bed again. Snowballs thrown, your friends are gone, you are too.
Track Name: Macy!
Today I’ll make a song about my friend.
My furry little friend, you’re my dear, please don’t leave me.
I’ll write you a song about the sunshine, about the day you met with me.
I’ll write you anything that you ask for, please just stay here.
I’ll write you a jingle, I’ll write you a ballad, I’ll write you a symphony.
I’ll write you anything you ask, as long as you never leave.
So will you stay here? My dog, my puppy, you don’t know what you mean to me.
Your fluffy tail, and your furry legs are all I need to see, to make me feel this way.
I love your little black nose, and your stinky breath.
I love your little black nose, and your stinky breath.
I love the way your tail wags every time I’m near.
You make me feel like I’m the only one.
You make me feel like I’m the only one.
You are just the greatest thing this planet’s done!
You’re so great.
You’re so great, my little furry ally.
You are so great my little furry friend.
You’re so great, you are my friend, I love you, and you love me!
Please don’t leave me. I know you wouldn't, and it hurts me just to say it.
You’re so lovely, I hope I’m always with you.
You’re so friendly, I wish everyone could meet you.
I love you so much, my favourite little puppy dog.
I love you so much, my favourite little friend.
I could never smile without you, without you, without you, without you, without you, without you.
My favourite little girl, please don’t leave me.
I already love you so I guess that I’ll just say it.
My favourite puppy dog I know I love you.
I know I love you. I know I love you. I know I love you. I know I love you girl.
My favourite little doggie, my favourite little girl.
You are every reason I have to smile.
Today I’ll make a song, for my friend.
Track Name: These Sculptures Inside Your Mind
She sings songs when they are screaming.
She gives these empty words a new meaning.
Her voice is a lullaby bringing my dreams to life,
twisting my thoughts and making them right.
She keeps the dew from the hammock where I spend my nights, and her walnut hair blocks out every blinding light.
Lying in a hammock watching the sky melt into your eyes.
Letting the crickets shape my dreams, you turn on the lights you turn out the stars.

Dream of her.

Marshmallow faces in trees, photographs of kites illuminate the night.

I put your shirt to my face and huff your scent like raw ether and my lungs burn with love.

Let me see your finger paintings and These Sculptures Inside Your Mind.

Let me hear your secret songs, now I'm tossing stones in the river of your mind.

I'll be the reason you believe in magic again.
I'll return you to that world, but I will be there beside you this time around, and your eyes will glitter like they did when you were a little girl.
Far before I knew you, and the crickets will scream for us again and that fractal in your eyes will grow larger and larger until we can see again.

You can't clean dishes with muddy water.